About Me

Hi! Obviously, you want to know more about me. I have not divulged my name; you’re intrigued. Who is this mysterious person who owns this amazing (if I do say so myself) blog??? Well, hold on, your questions are about to be (partially) answered.

I live somewhere perpetually rainy. I like the sound of the rain pitter-pattering on the roof while I lie, safe and sound, in bed. I like bright colors like yellow. I often switch my shoelaces to make my shoes more interesting. I’m talkative, perhaps too much so. I am also rather curious and have an enormous appetite where deserts and anything chocolate are concerned. I love big cozy sweatshirts, funky t-shirts and dogs, though I do not currently own one. I’ve worn glasses since I can remember. I rarely get tired and am always on the go, but beware of my lazy phases! I will then tend to procrastinate.

I speak French and English. My interests include reading, writing, baking, photography, drawing, music and movies. I also enjoy taking walks in the beautiful woods near my house.

Music…hmm. I listen to a little of everything. This and that, whatever I feel like. When I hit upon a song I really enjoy, I listen to it over and over and over and over, and then once more. For the moment the chosen song is Dream On (Aerosmith).

A movie that’ll make me laugh every time is Notting Hill. I also love the Lord of the Rings Trilogy!

I dislike vanilla yoghurt, eggplant, red cabbage, mint chip ice cream, math, too much heat, bees, marmalade and horror movies (I scream REALLY loud).

PS : If you have any questions or comments about this blog, just post them in the comment zone here, I’d love to hear ’em!
PPS : I do have another, more personal blog, if you want to check it out. Click HERE (http://abougi.wordpress.com).


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